Yanko Design, one of the most influencial magazine covering the best international product design introduced Pluuus to their readers, we are proud to be featured as " THE PLUUUS IS THE NEXT GENERATION OF WALLETS DESIGNED FOR LIFE IN 2020", let's see how they think about the product!


We’re just 4 months away from a new decade, yet we still use bifold wallets that are literally from a different millennium. Our phones have changed more in the past 20 years to adapt to our lifestyle than our wallets have, and the guys at Seek-Seen Studio think it’s due for a change. The Pluuus is the next generation of wallets, for our new, fast way of living. It isn’t your traditional leather or denim bifold wallet. Just like your smartphone is also your camera, computer, and music device, the Pluuus holds your cash, coins, cards, while also being a power-bank as well as a notepad. This EDC-for-the-new-generation crams much more into its wallet-shaped, 10mm thick profile than your leather wallet could… and designed to reflect the mindset of 2020, the Pluuus’s waterproof fabric is entirely made from recycled plastic bottles!

The Pluuus takes a more contemporary approach to a wallet… or an object to store your valuables. Given that the term valuable has changed so much in the past couple of years, the Pluuus accommodates it all… cash, coins, cards, battery power, and even ideas! A zippered pouch holds banknotes and coins, while a secondary slot holds up to 12 payment cards and business cards. An additional screw-on windowed card-holder allows you to store RFID or NFC-based cards to use at your office, subway, or even at a POS terminal. Designed to fulfill your tech needs too, the Pluuus fits a card-sized power-bank (with a retractable cable) into it too, with a battery capacity of 2000 mAh, perfect to give your phone a battery boost, or to charge your earpods when you notice they’re running out of power. While doing all this, the wallet even crams in a small but handy notepad and pen into its form, giving you a neat place to store your ideas, take notes, or capture doodles!

Built not just for versatile storage but for protection too, the Pluuus is made to be entirely waterproof. Crafted from a fabric that’s derived from recycled plastic bottles, the Pluuus repels water (a pretty necessary feature given that it houses a power bank within it), keeping your valuables completely dry in inclement weather. The zippers are waterproof too, and the Pluuus’ build is so durable, its makers offer a lifetime guarantee on any manufacturing defects. With customizable colored covers, as well as a carabiner ring to hold your keys too, the Pluuus is more functional, fashionable, practical, and durable than the archaic bifold wallet designs we’ve been roaming around with. I mean come on guys, it’s nearly 2020!



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