Seek-Seen Create Your Own Holder

Seek-Seen Create Your Own Holder

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Seek-Seen Create Your Own Holder

Print your own design, pattern, name, or logo on the Pluuus Card Holder! Send us a pic and we will take care of the rest! :)

*Please make sure that your material does not violate copy right and trademark regulations. 


Seek-Seen Tap&Go Card Holder

With our patent-pending Tap&Go card holders, you would avoid card-clash and have easier access to cards with only 3 steps: Swipe, tap, and go. Which is useful especially when you are at a busy ticket gate or looking for the right card to pay. The card holders come in different colors and textures to match your style and to distinguish from each other.

A single card holder unlocks multiple combinations to your Pluuus!